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What Are The Most Common Types Of Collagen?

Not sure which collagen supplements are the best for you? Here’s a list of the most common types of collagen and the benefits they accompany.

Type I

Type I collagen is the most abundant protein found in humans and is also known as the strongest type of collagen. It helps form our skin, bones, tendons, corneas, blood vessel walls, and other connective tissues.

Type I collagen can be found in supplements featuring bovine or fish collagen.

Type II

This type is found in cartilage. Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue found in many parts of the body. It can bend a bit but resists stretching. Its main function is to connect bones together.

Type ll collagen helps to form the cartilage that protects our joints.

Type III

Type III is fibrillar collagen and is a major component of our skin and organs. It is also often found in the same locations as type l.

Both type I and III can be found in bovine collagen, which is derived from the muscles, bones, and skin of cows.

Type V and Type X

Type V collagen is a minor collagen component, forming interstitial collagen fibers. It plays a crucial role in regulating the development of collagen fibers of connective tissue. Type V collagen also helps to create the cells of a pregnant women’s placenta.

Collagen type X is a protein typically present in normal joint cartilage. It is also described as a “network-forming collagen.”

Collagen is an amazing health supporter in general, but the collagen that is best for you can depend on your health goals since different types of collagen can support different areas.