Liquid Collagen (Glacier Glow)


Dear ladies, this is the solution you’ve been looking for to reverse the signs of aging, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, and re-establish your younger-looking self!

There’s a good reason everyone’s talking about this collagen product – it’s quite literally made from “The Fountain of Youth” and is accompanied by many health benefits.

As we age, our body starts to slow down, producing less quality collagen. This evinces less supple or firm skin. To ensure your youthful elasticity, it is of utter importance to keep your collagen levels stable to reduce this natural decline.

Not only does liquid collagen serve your beauty routine, but it is also a great source of easily digested protein (and can effortlessly sneak into your diet).

Say goodbye to joint pain! Studies show that collagen can be wonderful for the support of connective tissues and improving joint pain after exercise.

Did you know that your bones are mostly made of collagen? With the help of this Epiderme product, your bone density will improve right away.

Liquid Collagen is very beneficial for your skin. It can reduce wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

The list of benefits goes on! Make sure to visit our blog for more information about consuming collagen. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to one of our experts via our contact page!


Flavor: Glacier glow

Liquid Collagen is absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently than solid supplements. We absorb 90% of the liquid collagen, compared to 30% of the powder collagen.

Supplement facts:
Serving size: 25ml
Servings per container: 20

                                                                  Amounts per serving               % daily value
Protein                                                                                  4.5g               9%
Glycaemic carbohydrate                                                  18mg               1
Of which total sugar                                                               0g               1
Total fat                                                                                    0g               1
Sodium                                                                                  25mg               1
Vitamin c                                                                            100mg               167%


Verisol collagen peptides 5000mg
Hya-max hyaluronic acid 50mg
Carnipure l-carnitine base 1500mg

Percent daily values based on 2000 calories
Daily value not established

Other ingredients: Citric acid, Non-nutritive sweetener (sucralose), flavourant, purified water, preservative (sodium benzoate), potassium sorbate

Shake well prior to use
Best served chilled
Take 25ml once a day before meals.

*500ml per container


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