Who We Are

Lotus flowers are known for their ability to grow in diversity. However, the potential for their bloom lies hidden deep within the center of the plant long before it’s unfolding. They draw nutrition from the dirt, mud and murky waters, to unfold as a beautiful flower. 

Moreover, it symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

We believe that lotus flowers can represent us, as divine women. Epidermé’s products are carefully curated to allow our beauty to bloom from the inside out. 

Epidermé is underpinned by three principles


Reverse the effects that aging has on the wellbeing of women.


Revitalize your skin, hair and nails for a more youthful appearance.


Restore women’s confidence by restoring their health from the inside out.

Our Promise

Although aging is inevitable, we have tried our utmost to assist ladies to age gracefully.

We prioritize your satisfaction with our products. Therefore, we work tirelessly to provide you with a superior customer experience, from our homepage to your beauty cabinet.

Epidermé wants to somehow give back to all the beautiful, hardworking ladies out there. So why not with products that take care of them while they take care of others?

What Makes Us Unique?

Did you know that not all collagen products are created equally? So, what makes Epiderme unique?

Epidermé is a superior bio-active hydrolyzed collagen brand. Our products are carefully curated with a powerful combination of two patented brands: Verisol and Hyamax.


VERISOL® is a specially optimized form of bioactive collagen peptides and is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for noticeably firmer and smoother looking skin. Verisol® is produced from bovine raw materials.


Hyamax® is Sodium Hyaluronate – a standardized natural hyaluronic acid in sodium salt.

Hyaluronic Acid helps attract and retain water in the extracellular matrix of tissues. It is essential for proper cell-to-cell communication, hydration, nutrient delivery and waste elimination. 


Sensoril Ashwangandha is an Ayurvedic remedy that reduces fatigue, improves sleep, supports the function of the nervous system and muscles. This extract is derived from specially-grown ashwagandha leaves and roots through a patented , water-based process. 

Sensoril mainly reduces stress, boost your energy levels, improves focus, and supports joint and cardiovascular health. 

Furthermore, we are an online retailer based in Johannesburg. All of our products are made in a FSSC22000 accredited facility. With the increasing number of customers, Epidermé will soon make its mark within the health and beauty industry, to make sustainable aging the standard, not the exception.